Meatballs, italian sausage, braciola, meatloaf and pizza topping are the pre-cooked, frozen Italian specialities offered by Buona Vita. 

100% USDA beef, chicken and pork, imported Pecorino Romano cheese made with sheep's milk, and a special blend of seasonings and spices create exceptional products bursting with flavor. Pork and beef, beef and turkey, or beef and chicken meatballs are also available.

Grilled and fire-roasted vegetables, eggplants, sauce pellets and sausage, pepper and onions are the fine foods that Comarco Products have provided America's restauranteurs and institutions for the past 30 years. 

Their products are seasoned with just the right ingredients, cooked immediately, and flash frozen to ensure freshness. Their plant is USDA, FDA, and American Institute of Baking inspected.

Beef or chicken sandwich steaks or slices and beef burgers or patties can be fully cooked or uncooked from this Harleysville, PA factory. Steaks can be chopped and formed, marinated or hand-molded depending on the customer's need.

Silver Springs produces quality products perfect for any sandwich or meal.  Sold nationwide to restaurants, supermarkets and schools, their time-tested approach to processing is second to none.