Tiramisu, cannoli cream and cannoli shells, sfogliatelle, Italian cheesecake and a full line of classic American cakes are precut for your convenience. This family-run company currently offers about 40 different restaurant style desserts.


Private labeling along with their expertise in the distribution of all their dessert products for the foodservice industry is also available.

Granny's Kitchens
Maplehurst Bakery

Donuts, donuts and more donuts... Maplehurst Bakery is the world's largest donut manufacturing facility producing over 1.8 million donuts every day for distribution to in-store bakeries, foodservice and convenience stores across the country and around the world.


Choose Proof and Fry or Thaw and Finish, and select from varieties like twist donuts, French crullers, apple fritter donuts, buttermilk sticks or glazed, old fashioned.

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