About Us

S&B Food Brokers is a small, family-run business concentrating on carrying exceptional food products for key distributors in the Northeast. Not only are the products the best in the market, but the service you receive is superior in terms of responsiveness, personal attention and fairness. ​

Bill DeMatteo



Bill DeMatteo founded S&B Food Brokers in 1984. His gift for gab and love of food prompted him to change careers and become a food broker extraordinaire. Those who know him say he's honest, direct and loyal. He won't sell a product that he doesn't believe in and won't stop talking about a product he represents. When he is not "selling", Bill enjoys running, drinking red wine, spending time with his grandchildren and hanging out with his childhood friends from New Haven.

Sharon Tamsin


Vice President

Sharon Tamsin has been in the food brokerage business for over 30 years. She started her career with Lawrence Kolbin Company where she represented numerous food service companies and worked with all of the leading food distributors in the area. Sharon is known for her strong work ethic and personable nature. She not only is a food connoisseur, but also an extraordinary cook. During her "off-hours", Sharon loves to shop and spend time with her two children.